Governing Body

Governing Board - responsible for setting up the organisational infrastructure for the Enforcement Panel, for publication of the activities report, and for negotiation of employment contracts for the Enforcement Panel and the Secretariat.

  • President: Mag. Martin Grüll
  • Vice President: Dr. Franz Rudorfer
  • Treasurer: Aslan Milla
  • Member: Heinz Leitsmüller

 Nominations Committee - responsible for staff selection and recruitment

  • Chairwoman: Marielouise Gregory
  • Vice Chairman: Helmut Maukner
  • Member: Eva Eberhartinger
  • Member: Mag. Martin Grüll
  • Member: Ralf Kronberger
  • Member: Franz Rudorfer

Secretariat - responsible for providing support to the Association's executive bodies in their activities and for all the administrative aspects of the work of the Enforcement Panel.

  • Secretary General: Helga Csokay