Association bodies

Board of Directors of the Association - set up of the organizational conditions for the establishment of the Enforcement Panel, publication of the activity report and conclusion of the employment contracts with the office (Secretary general) and the Enforcement Panel (Head, Deputy Head, Enforcement Panel staff)

  • Martin Grüll, Chairman
  • Franz Rudorfer, Deputy Chairman
  • Aslan Milla, Treasurer
  • Sonja Bydlinsk, Member
  • Heinz Leitsmüller, Member

 Nominations Committee -responsible for the appointment of members of the Enforcement Panel

  • Marielouise Gregory, Chairwoman
  • Helmut Maukner, Deputy Chairman
  • Eva Eberhartinger, Member
  • Martin Grüll, Member
  • Ralf Kronberger, Member
  • Franz Rudorfer, Member

Office - responsible for supporting the bodies of the Association in the performance of their duties and for carrying out all the administrative tasks of the Enforcement Panel.

  • Secretary General: Helga Csokay